Oxford Mississippi Private School Bullying & Death Threat Scandal Unearthed

OXFORD,MISSISSIPPI, March 22, 2017 (Newswire.com) – On
March 12th 2017, Private School Blacklist unearthed what
could be the worst private school scandal in Oxford,
Mississippi, in recent years. The investigators intercepted
email correspondence between an arrogant Oxford
University School head master and a distraught parent in the school. In the leaked emails
between the parent, his attorney and the school’s head master, the parent is complaining
about bullying and death threats cases directed to one of his children. His son received a
death threat from his classmates and no appropriate action has been taken by the school’s
administration. Despite unrelenting complaints from the concerned parent, the seemingly
arrogant head of school, Mrs. Carolyn P. Davis, is having none of it. In fact, she has already
dismissed both the sons of the concerned parent, in an attempt to cover up the shocking
scandal in the school.
Apparently, the concerned father was trying to find an amicable solution to the situation but
the head of school was unwilling to take further action. From the leaked email
correspondence, it was deduced that the aggrieved father pulled his sons from the school
even before the dismissal of his other threatened son and brother. He further goes ahead
and writes a letter to all parents within the school.
On February 20th 2017, a prominent Nashville executive, who was also a parent at Oxford
University School in Oxford, Mississippi, contacted the school’s administration after
establishing that the life of his son was in serious danger. Several students had hatched a
plan and threatened to shoot his son in the head, using a shotgun. The plan was that one of
his son’s classmates was to borrow a shotgun from a redacted source and shoot his son in
the head. This conversation reportedly took place in the restroom.
Considering the historical cases of school shootouts and violence in various schools in
America, the parent had every reason to be concerned. The fact that they had threatened his son on more than one occasion was more than worrying. Whether it was a prank or kids
trash talk; violence and bullying have no place in society and such cases should be handled
with the seriousness that they deserve. Following the death threats on his son, the
concerned father had no alternative other than withdrawing his sons from the school until
the matter was resolved.
Two days later, Mrs. Carolyn P. Davis, who is the school’s headmaster, sent a reply to the
concerned parent. Firstly, she claimed to have called an assembly where she addressed
various expectations the students of OUS must adhere to. Additionally, the school
headmaster indicated that she also addressed the issue of bullying in detail. She further
claimed that the suspected students were remorseful for their actions and they were “just
kidding.” However, from her ensuing email, her unwillingness to take up the matter seriously
could mean that the assembly did not even take place. The sluggish response from the
school’s administration did nothing but aggravate the situation.
Two hours later, the concerned parent had a more solid response indicating that he was
unwilling to return his sons to school until all the parents of the suspected bullying students
are made aware of the situation. While meeting the students in question was a good start to
solving the problem, he did not consider it a complete resolution.
A death threat is a serious crime and handling such cases in a school setting requires more
than just a pep talk. Any sane person should know that in such a situation, all the parties
involved should meet, in order to reach an amicable solution. In this regard, the concerned
parent wanted to know if all the parents of the students involved were aware of the incident
and what their response to the shocking situation was. He also wanted the school
headmaster to implement new safety precautions to ensure that his children were safe at
Oxford University School.
On February 23rd 2017, Carolyn P. Davis responded to the concerned parent. However,
discrepancies emerged in her reply. She had earlier indicated that the suspected students
were remorseful about the situation and had even written letters of apology. However, in
her response, she indicated that one of the suspected students could not recall any
statements in relation to shooting a classmate, but that he was sorry if he made any
statement in the same regard.
In her reply, she pointed out that she saw no reason for the parents of the involved students
to be contacted. She further indicated her unwillingness to go on with the case, while
jumping on the defense of the suspected students. She indicated that the safety and wellbeing
of the students in her institution are of paramount importance. This was rather ironic,
for a while, she was concerned about the safety of students, she was not willing to involve
the parents of the students in question. She further asked the concerned parent to let go of
the case, indicating that she was better suited to handle the situation. From her response, we conclude that she was trying to sweep the matter under the carpet.
Her unwillingness to contact the parents of the students involved is a clear indication of her
authority being compromised. Her job as a school administrator is to ensure the safety and
well-being of all students, without any favoritism. However, her authority seemed to be
compromised as she openly defended the suspected bullies.
Considering her response to the situation, Mrs. Davis’ position seemed to be compromised.
Her unwillingness to solve the case amicably was a clear indication of the underhand
dealings going on in the school.
Our independent investigation reveals that Oxford University School has been in financial
turmoil for years. Despite being in existence since 1984, the school has remained stagnant,
in terms of growth and development. Because of the financial predicament that the school is
facing, it is safe to conclude that either Mrs. Carolyn Davis was defending the involved
children because of the influence of their parents or she is trying to keep the school’s
donors happy. Whichever way, compromising on the safety of students is not an
appropriate way of keeping donors appeased.
Hard times, call for drastic measures. In line with the unwillingness of the head of school to
resolve the case, it was only a matter of time before the concerned parent contacted the
family lawyer.
On March 1st 2017, the family lawyer made contact with Mrs. Carolyn Davis seeking to find
an amicable solution to the impasse. As is typical of most lawyers, he quickly established that
there were discrepancies between the school’s handbook and the school administrator’s
emails. While the handbook clearly indicates that parents of the offending children should
be contacted, Mrs. Davis has blatantly refused to involve the parents. The attorney goes
further highlighting the seriousness of the issue. A death threat is not a minor issue that can
be solved in a class setting. It requires the involvement of all parties including the presence
of the offending students. The attorney also blasted the casual manner that Mrs. Davis took
in handling a serious case such as a death threat.
It took nearly a week for the school’s administrator to respond to the family lawyer. On
March 7th, 2017, Mrs. Carolyn Davis responded to the attorney’s letter. The delay in offering
a reply was a clear indication of the school’s reluctance in solving the issue. In her response,
the head of school indicated that she considered the matter resolved and that she did not
intend to take the case further. It was rather interesting how the school headmaster
shrugged off the importance of the issue. According to her, the case was resolved but in real
sense, the opposite was true. Firstly, her myriad of discrepancies only made situation worse.
Her reluctance to respond to emails promptly and her unwillingness to notify the parents of
the students involved leaves a lot to be desired.
After receiving the response letter from Mrs. Davis, the family attorney responded, this time requesting a face-to-face meeting with the school administrator. He also inquired about the
possibility of having a group meeting with all the parties involved, including the students,
parents and administration. However, in a quick reply, the school administrator gave all
sorts of excuses to avoid the prospects of a group meeting. She agreed to meet the parents
of the students involved but said that the attorney should not be present during the
meeting saying that the issue was not a legal matter. She further indicated in her reply that
she would not be responding to any further communication from the family’s lawyer, as she
considered the case resolved.
The dismissal of the concerned father’s son did not come as a surprise. As is the case with
any private school scandal, the school administration was seeking ways to sweep the matter
under the rug. The only viable way Mrs. Carolyn Davis could get out of trouble was by
dismissing the sons of the “snoopy” parent.
As things would turn out, the children were supposed to go on a school outing on March
10th, 2017. After some false reassurances from the school administration, the students
returned to Oxford University School for the special event. In an obvious setup a teacher had
sent a text message to the mother of the bullying victims, requesting her to come to along
with the rest of the kids on the school outing. However, after the excursion and before they
could return to class, Mrs. Carolyn Davis corned the mother and children, only to dismiss
them on grounds that the other parents were not “happy” with Oxford University School.
She later called the police amid accusations of trespassing.
Seemingly, this was a deliberate scheme from the school’s administration including the
Board of Trustees. A letter from the school’s board of trustees to the OUS Parents indicates
that the Board of Trustee supported the measures taken by Mrs. Carolyn Davis and the
entire school administration. Additionally, the letter indicates that the school will not
address the matter in a public forum, ideally to avoid soiling the school’s name.
While Mrs. Carolyn Davis thought everything was smooth sailing, the concerned father did
not take it lying down. His next step was to write a letter to the OUS parents, explaining his
side of the story. He included all the correspondence between himself, Carolyn and his
attorney. “Minimizing and sweeping an issue under the rug is not what caring adults do,” he
goes on to explain, in reference to Carolyn’s sloppiness in handling his case.
The letter was seeking to urge parents to take firm action against bullying and violence in
schools. Parents should discuss various issues with their children, guiding them on what is
acceptable while pointing out against evil. He also urged parents to think twice when dealing
with the school’s administrator.
From all the emails and letters between the various parties, it is safe to conclude that the
school administration was wrong in its way of handling of the matter. Had Mrs. Davis called
all parties involved for a group meeting in good time, the situation would not have reached Categories:
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bullying, oxford mississippi, private school, scandals, school threats
such deplorable levels. Mrs. Davis has not only let down her dignity, but also the name of
the school in which she oversees has been tarnished.
Bullying, death threats, and any form of violence have no place in society, more so in a
school setting. When such a situation arises, the best way to deal with it is by calling all
parties involved for a group discussion. It is important that the students learn from their
mistakes at the earliest of opportunities. In the private school scandal involving the Oxford
University School, the offending students probably will not have the opportunity to learn
from their mistakes, considering that no action was taken. In fact, the ineffectiveness of the
school’s administration to handle the situation amicably sets a dangerous precedent. The
suspected students may make good on their threat and just shoot another innocent child in
the head.
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